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About Karis


We are led by a team of pharmaceutical executives with more than 70 years experience in drug manufacturing and distribution. We strive to offer best in class services, that will change and better the standard of care for both patients and providers alike.


Years Experience


Physician dispensing states


Manufacturer partnerships

Patient Benefits

No added travel time to the pharmacy or additional
delays caused by prior authorizations or unapproved medications.
Approximately 30% of prescriptions go unfulfilled
which lead to increasing healthcare costs.
No additional cost to the patient. Co-Pays are
collected by the practice just as they would be at a retail pharmacy.

Practice Benefits

Eliminate pharmacy call backs to the practice. Our software allows you to see if a patient is qualified for their medication directly at the office.
Helps ensure that patients are following treatment guidelines by providing them with their medication before they leave your office.
Maximize Revenue
Collect the adjudications from the patient’s Pharmacy Benefit Plan. Increase your practice’s revenue and cash flow.